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Bandname: Thy Final Pain
Musikstil: Massive Rhythmic Death Metal
Instrument: Schlagzeug und Gitarre
Anzeigentext: Hi,

die Death Metal Band THY FINAL PAIN sucht fähigen Schlagzeuger und 2. Gitarristen!

Vollausgestatteter Proberaum ist aktuell in 64760 Oberzent.


Thy Final Pain was founded by guitarist Simon Dorn and bass player Marc Jüttner, who met for the first time during a rehearsal session of the death metal band Debauchery where they played in 2006/2007.

Both shared the idea to create a musical project.

The result was the foundation of Thy Final Pain in January 2007, starting with the song "My Temptation" as their first release.

3 CDs and many Gigs later, the band consists of:

Simon Dorn - Guitars/Voice; Tobias Popiolek - Bass

Album "Epitaph" 2008 (Twilight Distribution)

Legacy: 11/15 points

Album "Of life and death..." 2009 (STF-Records)

Legacy: 12/15 points; Rock Hard:8/10 points; Metal Hammer: 5/7 points.

Album "Desire Freedom and Confusion" 2010 (STF Records)

Legacy 13/15 points; Rock Hard:6/10; Metal Hammer: 4/7 points.

We have already destroyed stages in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Including gigs with Entombed, Malevolent Creation, Hail of Bullets, Disbelief, Asphyx, Eisregen,Cataract, Illdosposed...

Die letzte Platte klang so: ( Es wird in Zukunft aber schneller, brutaler und ein bisschen technischer werden.)

Bis dann,

Gruß Simon
PLZ: 64760
Ort: Oberzent
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